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Atlético Madrid confirm Fernando Torres interest

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

It sounds like Fernando Torres will indeed be going home. Fortunately, by 'home', we mean Atlético Madrid, the club he captained before moving to Liverpool in 2007, rather than parent club Chelsea, who've seen rather enough of the misfiring striker over the past few years.

With AC Milan hoping to wriggle their way out of the preposterous two-year loan they agreed during the summer and Torres' renegotiated wages low enough for Atléti to take on, the current set of rumours taking El Nino back to Spain make a lot more sense than the ones we were seeing prior to this summer.

But we don't just need to rely on the raw logic of the deal, for Atlético themselves have confirmed that the deal is almost done.

It is on the verge of completion and we are waiting for things to firm up. He will be a very important reinforcement for the second half of the season. We will get the best out of him, the same as everyone, and he knows where he is coming to.

Atléti assistant coach Germán Burgos. Source: Guardian.

Apparently the deal will involve Milan splitting Torres' salary with Atlético, meaning that for at least another 18 months two completely separate teams will be paying for Fernando Torres not to play for them. I'd say that this was almost farcical if not for the fact that that threshold has long since passed.

But hey, not our problem.

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