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Silly Season gone wild: Chelsea linked with January move for injured Juventus midfielder

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Hearts tend to skip a beat whenever the words Chelsea, Juventus, midfielder, and transfer appear in close proximity.  Could it be Paul Pogba finally?  Surely, it's only a matter of time before the super-talented young man gets to test himself against proper, non-Serie A opposition on a weekly basis.  Or perhaps the slightly older but already fully formed Arturo Vidal?  Either of those two would be a tremendous addition to any team.  Alas, it's neither.  Today's rumor involves one Kwadwo Asamoah.

Now, in fairness, Kwadwo is an excellent player in his own right.  Well-rounded, versatile, quick, and strong, he ticks almost every box when it comes to midfield.  He's perhaps not great in any one aspect, but he's certainly more than adequate in every aspect.  There's just one problem: he's injured for the next 3 or so months.  At the start of December, he underwent arthroscopic knee surgery to fix a bit of torn cartilage, which had been bothering him for the previous month and had played a part in limiting the Ghanaian to just 9 appearances so far this season.

So when (#1 site for Ghana soccer news!) boldly proclaim that "Chelsea are ready to pay £24m" for the player's services in January, one has to wonder just what terrible information they're trying to peddle from what terrible sources.  Buying a player who's injured for months when looking for immediate reinforcements?  Perhaps they confused us with Arsenal.  Even if Asamoah weren't injured, the rumored price is rather outrageous for a 26-year-old pure backup, however versatile he may be and however much extra depth he may provide.

That being said, what do all y'all think?  Mourinho seems to be quite happy with his squad right now, but do you think he should encourage the key decision-makers to dip the Chelsea toes into the market this January?  Or is the balance perfect right now and we shouldn't mess with what's working?

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