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Mourinho responds to double-training complaint by instituting after-match training

Ian Walton/Getty Images

Let nobody say Jose Mourinho doesn't have a heart. In his comments following Chelsea's routine 2-0 victory, the manager celebrated his side's performance, quotes picked up by more or less every outlet. But London24 has a little more than everyone else, telling a tale of almost legendary magnanimity.

You see, the Chelsea players were scheduled for double training on Saturday ahead of Sunday's match against Southampton, and weren't very happy about it. But hey, I'll let the manager tell the tale:

In the start I had two training sessions planned for tomorrow. But they were crying so much in the changing room, I decided to make a change ...

That was nice of you, Jose. Wait, what change?

... and they are training now and they will only have one session tomorrow.

This is your punishment for crying in the changing room, Chelsea. Instead of double training on Saturday, you get post-match training (which I've never heard of before) on Boxing Day instead. Be careful what you wish for around Mourinho.

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