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Kenneth Omeruo's brother describes their footballing childhood

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Young defender Kenneth Omeruo has made it a very long way from his hometown in Nigeria, but he's not the only Omeruo taking that journey. Younger brother Lucky has made it as far as Malta, is drawing attention from the Eredivisie, and interestingly for Chelsea fans is more than happy to talk about his more famous sibling's roots.

I must thank our lovely mum for giving us everything to play the game. We never told our mum this was what we wanted to do, and it was people that went to meet her and told her what her sons were doing in school and during training with football. I was surprised the day I saw my mum at our training session and that was the day she gave her blessing to what we were doing. Since that time, our mum never missed any final of ours, both in school, Shell Cup games and grassroots football. My father also supported us in any way he could, and we have been excelling by their blessings.


For those who know Kenneth well, they will understand that he’s a hungry player; he is always hungry for success, he loves being on the pitch every time ... He has a big dream for Chelsea and he knows he must have learnt a lot before playing for Chelsea, and that is what he is doing in Middlesborough FC.

Source: The Nation Online.

One of the most impressive things about (Kenneth) Omeruo's career so far has been his attitude -- he's patient, hard-working and recognises he still has a long way to go before he hits the very top level, which is why he's only too happy to learn his trade on loan -- and from what his brother has to say it sounds as though his parents had a lot to do with that. If Lucky's blessed with a similar work ethic, he has every shot of making it for the Super Eagles as well.

And if he's any good at striker ... well, having one Omeruo is great. Why not two?

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