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Oscar, Ivanovic and Hazard sing us a song

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Chelsea are getting into the festive spirit this year in, uh ... slightly unconventional fashion. Put sound on and listen to this:

Yes, that's Oscar, Branislav Ivanovic and Eden Hazard all singing a Christmas greeting. While wearing silly jumpers and hats, no less. The juxtaposition of Oscar channeling his inner choirboy with Ivanovic being a walking bear-tank is delightful, and Hazard being barely able to deliver 'and a happy New Year' before cracking up is fantastic. Good on the Blues for not taking themselves too seriously.

But while all the focus is on the players singing, perhaps it shouldn't be. For in the background sits an enormous Christmas ornament, clearly too big for any conventional tree. Why are we manufacturing such devices? What is their purpose? Is Roman Abramovich getting bored of Chelsea and focusing his (diminishing) billions on aggressive, advanced horticulture? We stand Against Modern Trees in the face of this abomination.