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The Daily Hilario: Matchweek 17

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.

Bye, Craig...  :(
Bye, Craig... :(
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

5th vs. 6th:  Avalanche vs. Dynamo Hawkeye
7th vs. 2nd:  Haz Mat Suits vs. Cahill for Jesus
12th vs. 1st:  West Staines Massiv vs. DP's All-Stars
10th vs. 11th:  Silent James & the Falcao Punch vs. In Hazardous Kompany
8th vs. 3rd:  Langers Athletic vs. Mother Hen Mourinho
4th vs. 9th:  B Tret vs. Cesc-y Jonjo Shnoz

The All-Stars came crashing down to earth after an 11-game winning streak, which makes things VERY tight at the top of the WaFFLe.  Game on!

WaFFLe standings


FOOTBALL (all times GMT):
12.15:  Championship, 3rd vs. 7th:  Derby County vs. Norwich City
12.45:  Premier League, 2nd vs. 16th:  Manchester City vs. Crystal Palace
14.30:  Bundesliga, 5th vs. 14th:  Schalke 04 vs. HSV
15.00:  Championship, 4th vs. 2nd:  Ipswich Town vs. Middlesbrough
15.00:  Premier League, 13th vs. 3rd:  Aston Villa vs. Manchester United
15.00:  Premier League, 19th vs. 9th:  Hull City vs. Swansea City
15.00:  Premier League, 18th vs. 14th:  QPR vs. WBA
15.00:  Premier League, 5th vs. 10th:  Southampton vs. Everton
15.00:  Premier League, 7th vs. 17th:  Tottenham Hotspur vs. Burnley
15.00:  Premier League, 4th vs. 20th:  West Ham United vs. Leicester City
16.00:  Ligue 1, 2nd vs. 9th:  PSG vs. Montpellier
19.30:  Club World Cup, Final:  Real Madrid vs. San Lorenzo
19.45:  Serie A, 2nd vs. 7th:  AS Roma vs. AC Milan

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