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Chelsea's new kits leaked?

Has Santa brought Chelsea new kits for Christmas?
Has Santa brought Chelsea new kits for Christmas?
Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

It's a bit early for next season's kits to be making an appearance, but that hasn't stopped the internet being all internetty: all three of Chelsea's planned 2015/16 shirts have turned up today, on multiple sites (and, interestingly, in multiple rendering styles). Whether they're real or not is an open question, but they're worth a look anyway. Footy Headlines has probably the best images, so head on over there to take a look.

A few thoughts:

  • Home. We saw the red on the collar -- a nod to the Pensioners -- in 2010/11, but this version has been toned down a great deal by adding a white band. The pinstripes on the shirt itself seem like they wouldn't really show up from a distance, which is fine.
  • Away. Remember the away kits from last year? Well scramble them up a little and you have what's projected as next season's. Mostly white, with red and blue bands. If you liked the colour combination then, I assume you'll like this one too.
  • Third. The third kit from 2013/14 was black with a weird design under the armpits. If these renderings are to be believed, adidas has decided to invert that whole idea and make that weird design appear on the front of the shirt itself. Which ... ok then.

You'll note that we've basically seen all of this before, which suggests to me that these kits might simply be an elaborate but fairly unimaginative hoax. But hey, kit design is fun to talk about even if these turn out to be fakes. Knock yourselves out.

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