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Out with the invincible talk, in with the quadruple talk

More inane questions from the media.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

It's a good thing that the press at large has managed to create themselves several new story-lines, otherwise they might have to start asking pertinent questions about such worthless things as tactics, or managerial decisions, or things that actually might have an impact on matches and possibly even further the discussion about the game beyond just the simple binary good/evil paradigm.

Wishful thinking, I know.  Ain't nobody got time for that anyway.  Give me more stories about evil cheaters, evil divers, evil imaginary card-waivers, evil stretcher-carriers, and, of course, how evil shall triumph over all in every single competition that Chelsea are still alive in!  Gimme gimme gimme!

"You [the media] spoke a few weeks about being unbeatable in the Premier League - we never did it. Now you speak about a quadruple but we must keep our feet on the ground."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Mail

From hero to zero to hero to zero to hero to zero and then back to the beginning to start all over again.  One day Chelsea will win all the things, the next day we will win nothing.  Middle ground and reasoned opinions are boring.  Binary mode engaged.  All or nothing.

"It's important to win on Monday. We go match by match. We don't choose competitions or matches. The next match is the most important thing. We go like this. The players tonight showed that attitude by playing a very professional game."

"This mentality is part of the group's DNA. I don't need to press the players to be ready. I am so happy with them. We have our feet on the ground."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Chelsea FC

In fairness, a quadruple would be a million times more awesome than an unbeaten league campaign.  But can we wait at least wait until the spring to begin talking about it?

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