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Thibaut Courtois dabbles in a bit of modern art

Petr Cech's successor appears to be almost as much of a renaissance man as Petr Cech himself.

Apparently, young Thibaut Courtois is looking to replace Petr Cech in just about every way imaginable at Chelsea, both on and off the pitch.

Not only is he the new man between the sticks and the new Chelsea goalkeeper in discussion for being the best in the world, but he's also got the whole renaissance man bit down. While Petr probably still has quite the edge in terms of number of languages spoken -- depending on source, it's anywhere from 7-9+ -- Courtois must have seen Cech's drumming and decided to one-up it with some abstract modern art. Though in fairness, Coldplay beats aren't that hard to one-up.

How do you know it's modern art? Because I told you so. That's how you know it's art. You see, that's all it takes. Otherwise it would just be called "being weird" or "ruining your clothes" or "wasting paint" or "complicated painting techniques just for the fun of it." If you can't appreciate it, you must be an uncultured mongrel. Go back to playing with gummy bears.

Mmmm ... yum, gummy bears!

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