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Cech won't judge this Chelsea squad until the season is over

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Even after a loss to Newcastle, many fans and media are touting this side as possibly being the best group in the club's history. Petr Cech isn't willing to hop on that train yet though, preferring to wait until the season is over before making any comparisons:

'We only judge the team when the season is finished and you can see how many trophies the team has in hand. It is difficult to say which Chelsea side in history was the best because a lot of them won trophies.'

'This team has huge potential, it has been doing really well this season, we are top of the league and have been doing some brilliant games but we are empty-handed at the moment, and I don't like to compare the teams until the season is finished.'

As usual, Petr is talking sensibly here. There's just no reason to start forming conclusions about this squad, with the season less than half played. Wait until after we've won four trophies to label this team as Chelsea's greatest least until next season's offering surpasses it.

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