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Mourinho unbothered by Manager of the Month snub

Clive Mason/Getty Images

If you've been paying attention to Chelsea Twitter recently you'll be aware of the fact that Jose Mourinho doesn't get awarded Premier League Manager of the Month very often. This is upsetting for fans, because we know that Jose Mourinho is awesome and would quite like it if that obvious truth was acknowledged by the powers that be. Which, fine. Fans can and will be upset by any perceived slight against their team.

But as slights go, this one's pretty marginal, and Jose Mourinho would like you to know that he simply doesn't give a [fun] about being repeatedly overlooked:

Typical from the manager. I suspect that if you'd have pressed him, his answer would have gone something like: I only care about winning titles, not individual awards. Which is, of course, exactly what you want in a manager. So why everyone's free to complain that Mourinho doesn't get the respect he deserves, rest assured that he's focusing his efforts on more important things.

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