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Chelsea 2-0 Hull City: Initial reaction and community player ratings form

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Chelsea got all three points against Hull City, and while it might have made for ugly viewing at times, the 2-0 scoreline works out just fine for me. Some quick thoughts:

  • Eden Hazard scored a header. Last time he did that we lost and the manager got fired. Glad we overcame that long-standing jinx.
  • The Mikel-Matic combination didn't work. With two ostensibly holding players in central midfield, you'd have expected us to be very, very solid. Instead, Mikel basically wandered about doing whatever he wanted -- it's like he expected Matic to cover for him despite not being very useful up front. It was a bizarre performance from the Nigerian, and the extra pressure induced some sloppiness from his partner too.
  • Chris Foy sucks. I don't think he's biased against Chelsea. I do think he's an incompetent moron who should lose his job. He lost control of the game, and that's why things got so silly in the second half. Had he been referring properly all match the Huddlestone-Luis tackle would never have happened. His performances actively put players at risk of serious injuries, and he should be sacked immediately.
  • The red card changed the game completely. With Hull's midfield fractured, the Blues could walk straight through them, and it wasn't a surprise when Costa killed it off a little while afterward.

Y'all know the drill now:

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