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Mourinho: 'Happiness' key to Terry turnaround

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Jose Mourinho's arrival has changed much at Chelsea FC, but perhaps the most striking difference is in the form of the captain. He looked in desperate position just 18 months ago, having virtually disappeared for the 2012-13 season, and it looked for all the world like he -- or, more likely, the club -- was set to move on.

Now he's an ever-present at the heart of the defence once more. Easily England's best defender, Terry's turnaround was both complete and rapid. What's the key? Well, to hear Mourinho tell it, it's that he's happy again.

Our training methodology helps. The way he is taking care of himself is very important too, but the most important thing of everything is to be happy. I read a famous neurologist who said, "We docs always say do some exercise, eat properly, be careful with salt, be careful with this protein, but we forget to tell people the most important thing: be happy."

John had a period here of so many doubts, question marks. Is he still the same player? Can he play at this level? Is he fit? Will he play or be in the stands? Then, suddenly, the happiness arrives and look at him.

Source: Mail.

No matter what it is, it seems to be working. It's so easy to forget the difficulties Terry had under Andre Villas-Boas and Rafa Benitez when you look at his imperious form under Mourinho, and it's not just about the defensive lines those coaches used. Terry genuinely looked like a shell of his former (and I guess current) self, and it's been amazing to see him reach the levels we're seeing now.

Maybe there's something to this 'be happy' stuff after all. I'll tell my boss that next time he catches me watching youtube compilations of Gianfranco Zola on repeat rather than working.

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