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Eden Hazard on verge of new contract, says Mourinho

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Eden Hazard has been in phenomenal form for most of the season, and with his contract expiring in two and a half years it's about time for him to get a new deal from Chelsea. There've been talks about getting him signed up since the World Cup, but it's starting to drag on a little bit now and ... well I wouldn't say people are getting actively worried, but there's a patina of anxiety developing around the issue.

But Jose Mourinho says not to fret:

No problems. Soon [it will be signed] but I’m not worried because they are almost there. He’s [Hazard’s] not worried. The club knows that almost will become done. No problem.

Source: GetWestLondon.

Good. But from the outside we have no real clue what's going on, and personally I'd like soon to be now-soon rather than indeterminate-soon. In the meantime, I suppose hearing soothing things from the manager is better than not.

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