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Get ready for some Friday-night Chelsea

Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Fridays tend to be good days. But they've also been missing a certain something. Namely, Chelsea. But fear not, Blues fans. The Premier League have more or less announced that you'll be able to see your heroes overcome that final hurdle starting in the 2016-17 season.

Why 2016? It's when the new new television deal will kick in, and the league has asked for bids on packages that include a handful of Friday night games. Ten games doesn't guarantee that Chelsea will be included, of course, but we're one of the Premier League's big hitters, and I'd imagine that they'll want to put us on television as much as possible (and, as pointed out in the comments, Friday games are perfect for teams with midweek commitments in Europe).

I'm not sure how match-going fans will be impacted by this news, but I'd guess that Friday night trips will be easier to deal with than Mondays (not that those are going away). As for those of us who can only watch via television, having more live games is always better.

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