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David Luiz hoping for PSG-Chelsea final

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David Ramos/Getty Images

David Luiz. Remember him? Champions League winner, £50 million man, exquisite/crazy and frequently both at once defender? Funny hair? Right, well he plays in France now, and he has some hopes for the way the Champions League will pan out this season. Some very specific hopes.

I want PSG to win the Champions League. Chelsea are having a very good season with very good players. I hope to play against them in the final, it would be amazing!

Source: Mail.

I am having visions of David Luiz starting that ridiculous runup in a penalty shootout and help me my soul just died. But anyway, he has more to say, specifically about Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas.

They proved their class. These are key recruits – with them, the penny dropped and the puzzle is in place.  Cesc with his rhythm, his aggressiveness and experience in the Champions League and Diego with his composure in front of goal and its effectiveness – they had an immediate impact.

Personally I don't want to play Paris Saint-Germain in the final, or really at any point. Why? Because I'd feel a little bit bad at celebrating David Luiz's tears. Thanks for the the compliments, though, geezer. Good luck against Barcelona!