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Local councilman urges constituents to unite against Chelsea threat in stadium Cold War

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

You may remember rumblings from a couple months ago about Chelsea exploring a temporary stadium switch to help facilitate a Stamford Bridge expansion at some point in the near future.  There was nothing concrete beyond just rumors and half-formed plans and quick approaches, though the locals around Twickenham Stadium saw fit to start a petition to oppose any such move.  You know, just in case.

If that wasn't enough of a potential road block of local politics, here's Richmond (the borough in which Twickenham is located) Council leader Lord True to drop some retro Cold War rhetoric on your modern everyday existence.

"We face Russian money potentially with deep pockets and we need to leave the other side guessing."

"I hope we will stand united against this threat."

-Lord True, Leader of the Council; source: This Is Local London

1946 called and it wants its "Iron Curtain" oratory back.  The Red Menace is real!  Report all suspected deep-pocketed activity!

While the source claims that the Council hasn't had any meetings with Chelsea -- we approached the Rugby Football Union instead over the stadium initially -- apparently the possibility seems real enough to provoke such strong messages and reactions from the locals and the leader of the local council.  So there's probably not nothing to this whole Twickenham possibility as far as Chelsea are concerned.

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