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Mourinho doesn't think complacency was an issue for Chelsea against Sunderland

See no complacency, hear no complacency, speak no complacency.

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Are we sure it was Jose Mourinho and not some parallel universe bizarro Mourinho giving the post-match interviews after Chelsea's 0-0 draw at Sunderland?

First, he doesn't think Diego Costa -- the man most likely to start a fight in an empty room since Dennis Wise and the man who spent much of the game tussling with wily old veteran John "every trick in the book" O'Shea -- is a feisty character, and now, he doesn't think that complacency was an issue on Saturday after two of the best performances (30 minutes against WBA, 90 minutes against Schalke 04) of the season gave way to unimaginative, slow, predictable, ultra-narrow, panicky play.

"If you lose points because of complacency, or because you didn't try, because you were not committed, this is a big problem for my mentality and for my kind of leadership. When you lose points because the opponent tries everything to make it difficult for you and when my boys tried everything to win, no complaining."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Telegraph

Well, alrighty then.

Since this was the first truly disappointing result* of the season (and the first time Manchester City gained ground on the Blues all year), maybe Mourinho's gone back to some of the old damage limitation, media-controlling tricks that he hasn't had to resort to in some time.  Or he's protecting the players (and himself) already by not letting even the tiniest hint of pressure or even sarcastic CRISIS-talks surface anywhere.  Or it's none of the media's business what he really thinks so he just fed them a standard line.  Or he's just in denial.  Or he's been whisked away to another galaxy, replaced by an Auton from the Nestene Consciousness.  Or... who knows.

* Which, by the way... how cool is that!?  It's taken 20 games to get a result that actually might have some negative significance.  Yeah, we're fine.  Just have to work a little harder now, Jose, and not simply run out (nearly) the same 11 every time.  (Maybe.)

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