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Jose Mourinho's successes highlight the failings of Arsene Wenger

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Jamie Carragher hasn't always been a fan favorite around these parts, but we do have a few fond memories of his Liverpool career.

Carragher Lukaku

Today though, Carragher made some rather sensible comments about the current state of both Chelsea and Arsenal, and how the jobs done by their managers have contributed to where they're at in the Premier League today:

While it's often easy to make fun of the ex-Liverpool man, today it's hard to find much wrong with what Carragher is saying. In just one year back at the club, Jose Mourinho has done a masterful job of balancing a side that was in desperate need of fixing, offloading several talented players that just didn't fit with the rest of the Chelsea squad, while adding players whose skillsets perfectly complimented those already in place.

Arsene Wenger, on the other hand, has done a masterful job of adding Alexis Sanchez to his attack, while neglecting the obvious holes already in his squad and shipping off much needed depth in defense. Alexis is banging in goals for fun, and then watching in horror as his teammates find increasingly hilarious ways to make sure those goals mean nothing. Wenger did a wonderful job of creating an entertaining product though, as watching Alexis score sublime goals is a treat for both Arsenal fans and neutrals alike, and the inevitable Arsenal collapse that follows leave the bulk of the football world in stitches.

Mourinho's pragmatism is often criticized by fans of other clubs, but once again, that approach continues to yield far better (though less hilarious) results that that of the dogmatic Wenger. Never change, Arsene. Never change at all.

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