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Hazard: Real Madrid isn't my dream - Chelsea is

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

There's a big game going on today in France as Marseille face Paris Saint-Germain, and so Canal Football Club took the opportunity to invite Eden Hazard across the channel to discuss the match. The Belgian is one of the highest-profile exports Ligue 1 has ever produced, and it's only natural that they'd want to check in on how he's doing at Chelsea as well.

And so it is time for a brief warm-and-fuzzy fluff piece. As though the Arsenal and Spurs games didn't already make our collective Sundays pleasant enough ... over to you, Eden:

Ever since the protracted transfer saga that took Hazard from Lille to the European Champions back in 2012, he's been accused of mercenary tendencies. Which is understandable in the context of a year's worth of rumours and his constant trolling of the media, but somewhat at odds with the personality he's presented since the move.

First impressions, however, seem to have stuck, and there seems to be a small part of the fanbase that insists that Hazard is simply using the Blues as a platform to catapult himself in the vague direction of the Iberian Peninsula, a la Messrs. Ronaldo, Bale and Bitey.

Will this denial be enough to stave off the doubters? No, of course not. In some quarters, convictions about Hazard's personality are now so entrenched that they're essentially set in stone, but the rest of us can simply enjoy the fact that one of our top players is enjoying himself at the club -- and planning to do so for plenty of time to come yet.

Win titles. Score goals. Yes please.

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