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Mourinho has his say on Chelsea's impressive victory

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

We've heard from Brendan Rodgers after Chelsea's 2-1 win at Liverpool this afternoon, so now it's Jose Mourinho's turn to get a few (rather happier) words in:

We are in a good situation, I am very happy to be where we are in the league after playing our four games in Liverpool and Manchester already, but there is still a long way to go. The best team won today, I don’t think anyone can say we did not deserve the points, and I thought the way we played was fantastic, especially in the second half when the scores were level.

Just about every team would accept a draw and a point as a good result at Anfield, but mine wouldn’t. They showed great ambition and confidence in looking for the win.

-Source: Guardian.

I don't really want to take the moral high ground here -- I know better than that in football and I also know that Mourinho's had some fairly cranky post-game press conferences in his time -- but it is deeply amusing to contract these quotes with Rodgers' 'we deserved at least a point' excuse-making.

Anyway, I'm not here to rag on Liverpool any further -- what I wanted to point out is that I agree 100 percent with the manager's analysis of the match. We played better at 1-1 than we have done in a long, long time (the Maribor home game doesn't count), and the way in which we controlled the game, put constant pressure on the hosts, scored and then held out was extremely pleasing. It might only have been a 2-1 win, but we played like champions. Well done to everyone involved.

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