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Liverpool claiming moral victory after late penalty appeal

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Moral victories are stupid, which makes the fact that Liverpool revel in them ... well, entirely predictable. Last year it was all about our style of play and time wasting, which Luis Suarez is still sore about. And if it wasn't that, it was Steven Gerrard's slip being a freak accident. Anything to take the credit away from Chelsea, even if the FA refuses to do the same with the points.

What's the excuse this year? You guessed it: the late Gary Cahill handball that could -- perhaps should -- have been a penalty. Brendan Rodgers is very, very cross that his team didn't get the spot kick, and so we get the 'deserved' word popping up. It's like clockwork.

It was a clear [penalty]. We worked so hard in the game, we need those decisions. It was quite obvious, it hits his hand, it was a clear clear penalty and the referee has a clear view of it. The players gave everything and we deserved at least a point.

-Source: BT Sport via Get West London.

Let's be clear: Liverpool were bad. They were perhaps slightly less bad in the final stages, but their two best chances of the match were long-range shots that happened to hit Cahill. They defended poorly, failed to deal with the press, and very little about the flow of the game after it went to 1-1 suggested that they were going to get anything out of it.

Which makes them complaining about being hard done by very funny indeed. They weren't good enough to trouble Chelsea, but instead of focusing on getting better, they're going to whine about Anthony Taylor. But hey, at least you have two moral victories in one week!

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