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Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea: Initial reaction and community player ratings form

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After a first half where Chelsea (and Eden Hazard especially) conspired to miss chance after chance gifted to them by Liverpool, the second half was a bit more focused and we collected our reward with a Diego Costa goal.  Another win at Anfield, three more points for the Blue machine.

A few initial thoughts:

  • For all the supposed technical abilities of either team, this game was amazingly sloppy at times at both ends.  Maybe it was too early in the day for true quality.
  • Oh, Eden.  At least he's not afraid to shoot anymore.  In fact, he even forced a couple when he shouldn't have, ignoring a wide open Ramires on at least one promising occasion.
  • Speaking of Ramires - a bit of an odd choice to get the start, since he appeared to be moored out on the right for most of his 54 minutes on the pitch.  (Instead of, say, covering for Cesc Fabregas.)  As it was, he was just a bit of imitation Willian until making way for the real Willian.
  • The Chelsea high press was great -- and Lovren & Co were certainly there for the taking -- but it also left wide open gaps in the middle when the defense didn't push up in tandem.
  • Fantastic work by Azpilicueta on the Diego Costa goal.
  • 10th Premier League goal (and many more jimmies rustled) for Costa, who was chasing down backpasses and hopeless causes in the 86th minute.
  • We didn't concede in the last 15 minutes!  Or in the 5 minutes of added-on time!  Small miracles.
  • 17 unbeaten (in all competitions) to start the season: new club record!
  • We're the first team to play this weekend, but as it stands we're 7 points clear of So'ton, 9 of Man City, 12 of Arsenal, 15 of Liverpool, 16 of Man United.  Top of the league and having a laugh!

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