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Mourinho's starting to get real tired of others taking potshots at him in their books


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Friday's otherwise low-key and obvious pre-match press conference -- we shall beat Liverpool by scoring when we have the ball, and not letting them score when they have it -- was apparently punctuated with some strong words towards the peanut gallery filled with the people who like to say negative things about Jose Mourinho.  When you've been as successful, as brash, and as self-confident as Jose's been over the years, that gallery is sure to be filled to capacity.

The latest to add his name to the likes of "journalist" Diego Torres, ex-Real Madrid director Jorge Valdano, and generally miserable human being Roy Keane is Luis Suarez who's just the latest football player to spend his free time writing literary works of art.  By which I mean collect the royalty checks after their stories get written up by a ghost writer.

In any case, deserving of a spot in this momentous book was last season's famous 2-0 Chelsea win at Anfield -- part of which Suarez spent in deep conversation with an unnamed Chelsea player, because that's what you do in the biggest game of your season, apparently -- and of course the media wasted no time in sinking their teeth into the juicy bits.  Unsurprisingly, the topic also came up in yesterday's press conference.  Jose minced no words in his response.

...Mourinho went off on an earnest monologue about an offer he had received from a publisher to compile a book of pictures about his career - "a memory book", as he called it after consultation on the right description with his press officer. "But not," he said, "a book to talk shit and to criticise people and to say negative things about people who belong in my career."

-source: Independent

[Fun], I hope you had your earmuffs on!  Jose said a swear!

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