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Louis van Gaal tries his hand at stand up comedy

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Need a laugh that doesn't involve a Steven Gerrard slip ahead of tomorrow's trip to Anfield? Here's Louis van Gaal, Manchester United comedian, on his "defense":

"If you don't count the five goals at Leicester, we have been better than Chelsea I believe."

"That's not the problem, the balance is. That is why I have remodeled the structure of my team. Now I have to solve the problems of the injuries every week, that's another story."

Give me a second, as I just laughed so hard I spit coffee on my keyboard.

I know managers sometimes say ridiculous things to avoid throwing their players under the bus, but this is beyond ludicrous. United's defense has been an absolute joke this season, while Chelsea's may well have been the best performing unit in the league. Even if you cherry pick the worst result from United and ignore it (reminder, it happened, and it was hilarious), no sane human being would look at the United performances and compare them favorably to Chelsea's.

Louis Van Gaal may be correct that his balance is an issue, but that's largely due to the fact that his side have basically no defensive talent available. Better than Chelsea. Ha!

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