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Loïc Rémy back in training, ready to face Liverpool

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Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Much of the talk in Jose Mourinho's press conference ahead of the Liverpool match has focused on Diego Costa -- he'll start at Anfield, by the way -- who's been given a break by Spain for the upcoming international break after sniping from both sides about his help. But we knew he was fittish, so it's not really news. What is news is an update on Loïc Rémy's health.

The France international, signed to be Chelsea's number two striker at the end of August, injured himself scoring the open goal against Maribor in our 6-0 home win, leading Chelsea into an injury crisis in which Didier Drogba had to start three games in a week. We were expecting him back for late November following the break, but Mourinho has good news for us -- Rémy is back in training and is fit to play a role, if selected, against Liverpool on Saturday.

Welcome back, Loïc.