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Matic: Not good enough, despite silver linings

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Jose Mourinho might have expressed his happiness with the way Chelsea reacted to going down, and we might reasonably point to the fact that we're three points clear of the field in a weak Group G after four matches, but the fact remains that Wednesday night in Slovenia was more than a little bit crap. And while it wasn't a disaster in terms of its overall impact on our season, it shouldn't be sugar-coated.

Fortunately, goalscorer Nemanja Matic isn't doing much sugar-coating:

Of course we are not happy with the draw. We know that we did not play very well but we are first in the group and before the game we had two more points than Schalke and now we have three. I am sure we will use our quality in the last two games and we will stay in the first position.


Good. I'm not happy with the draw either. It's nice to hear that the Chelsea players are on the same page as the fans here: that wasn't an acceptable performance or result, overall. Although everyone's been taking about staying focused and not buying into their own hype, there was a certain element of lackadaisicalness in our play yesterday, and hopefully four straight ragged performances serve as enough reminder that we are indeed mortal, and we shouldn't play as though we're not.

And no, I don't believe him when he says that the players weren't expecting an easy game.

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