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Maribor vs. Chelsea: Second half discussion

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Things started brightly for Chelsea, who looked much better through the opening twenty minutes than they did at any point versus QPR this past weekend. The Blues weren't able to break through for an opener during that spell though, and Maribor were able to slowly build their way into the contest.

After a brief period of looking dangerous, Maribor slowly began to look less dangerous when they had the ball. It's begun to look more a matter of when, as opposed to if, Chelsea will find an opener. That said, we've seen Chelsea look impressive on more than a few occasions where they've failed to find the back of the net, and I've lost track of just how many points the club have dropped over the past few seasons as a result.

Luckily,Jose Mourinho has plenty of attacking options on the bench from which to choose, should Chelsea still be looking for a goal as the second half wears on. Hopefully the Blues will just score a few quickly after the restart though, so that those players can just have the day off.

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