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Watch: Patrick Bamford scores another cracker

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Patrick Bamford had a brilliant 2013/14 season, but it's taken until this week for him to really get going this time around. Which, fair enough. The man's still only 21, after all, and we shouldn't expect him to blitz everyone all the time.

Just some of the time:

This is really a magnificent header. Yes, the defending is substandard, but that run is fantastic, the decoy point to confuse the centre back is thoroughly amusing and the actual finish itself can't be talked about enough. If Bamford had waited for that ball to come to him he'd have had to take the ball on his left foot, and it would have been behind him. Instead he went out to the cross and guided it into the bottom corner with a diving header. Diego Costa would have been proud of that one, I suspect.

Anyway, top work. Now hopefully the young man can keep it up.