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Mourinho reaffirms long-term commitment to Chelsea and love for the fans

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I don't suppose a press conference ahead of a Champions League match against a European minnow (whom we just beat 6-0 a fortnight ago) should ever be expected to be a paragon of excitement.

The manager will say some things about how the brave souls of NK Maribor are good and brave and they shouldn't be underestimated because they are proud and brave and will be out for brave revenge.  Unlike, say, "brave" Liverpool, brave Maribor won't be resting half their first-choice starters just because they have a crucial league match coming up on the weekend.

But all that is boring.  Even coming from Jose Mourinho -- and other than Morgan Freeman, who else could command a room's attention while, say, reading a phone book? -- that's boring.  Fortunately, Jose doesn't do boring.

The "moment of criticism" is of course referring to the weekend's comments, wherein Jose criticized the home support for sleeping through the first half hour of the match and being, generally, very quiet.  These were not the first words of criticism that he's ever leveled against the home crowd, but they were probably the harshest.  So he spent a good portion of the otherwise boring press conference reassuring all of us that the comments were made with the utmost care and with all the best intentions born from the endless love he has for the club and the fans.

It's hard to picture Mourinho doing anything in life, personally or professionally, without the ultimate goal of improving said activity.  He probably looks for ways to refine his teeth brushing technique three times a day.  And he probably still hasn't found the ideal cereal-to-milk ratio in every spoonful as he reads the morning news.

I am just somebody who loves football a lot. I love my job. I am lucky to do my job in the club I like so much and feel such a connection to, and maybe that makes me lead the club with a different emotion. If I do it in a professional way and concentrate only on training and selection. It is because this is not just for me a job. It is more than that, because it's Chelsea.

Maybe I go a little bit too far. But I see myself in the stands, watching Chelsea and I want to play, I want to help. If I'm not a player I cannot play, if I'm not a coach I cannot make decisions, if I'm just a fan what can I do to help. That's just my view.

Source: Mail.

The issues surrounding the atmosphere at Stamford Bridge won't be resolved overnight. But, having said his piece in public, at least we now know that attentions are focused on it.  Attentions born out of love and long-term commitment.

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