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Van Ginkel agent troubled by Milan treatment

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Marco van Ginkel's agent was fairly vocal about the midfielder's playing time in August when it became apparent that the 21-year-old was nowhere near Chelsea's first-choice XI, and now that he's having issues breaking into the AC Milan team ... well, Karel Jansen is talking again:

That we aren't happy about that is clear. It [leaving MvG out] went against all logic. Marco didn't have to go to Italy, if he wasn't going to be used anyway. Milan agreed with that. A fit and in-form Van Ginkel plays his way into Milan's starting XI.

Source: Fox (translated by Mark Will Stinson).

It's not entirely clear what sparked this latest outburst, since van Ginkel's been injured for some time and has only just gotten back to full strength, but Jansen apparently doesn't need much poking to start discussing his client's playing time. The article mentions that both player and agent are concerned enough about the situation to have spoken to Milan's board, so there must be something deeper than the fact that he hasn't played in the past couple of weeks.

Playing time is critically important for van Ginkel's development, and I suppose it's natural after what happened last season that everyone's worried about another wasted year. Perhaps that's leading to some overreaction -- or perhaps the situation at the San Siro isn't what Chelsea or van Ginkel imagined this year. He definitely should be getting time with that midfield struggling, so we'll see how things go over the next month or so.

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