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Petr Cech continues to be ridiculously good at ... everything

Fresh off his adventures in pumpkin carving for Halloween (no, we still don't know what he was going for, although 'the Grim Reaper' seems to be the best bet at the moment), Petr Cech has returned to a more familiar pursuit: drumming.

For those of you who aren't aware of our former No. 1's penchant for music, the Czech is a fairly magnificent drummer, to the point where I'm confident he could have done well for himself if he wasn't already a preternaturally talented footballer. Judge for yourself on his cover of the Foo Fighters' 'Walk'.

Yep. Prettttty good at the drums, I'd say. I'm actually hoping that the other players who don't get much pitch time have hidden musical talents. Mikel seems like he'd be a perfect tempo-setting bassist. Mo Salah has the trappings of a rock and roll frontman. Perhaps Didier Drogba on guitar?

I really want this to happen now, you guys. Anyone have other suggestions for a Chelsea bench band?

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