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Hulk: There's 'no use' going to Chelsea

Oleg Nikishin/Getty Images

It's not really transfer season until Hulk gets talked about in relation to Chelsea, and it looks like transfer season has come early in 2014. And weirdly, it's not even some nameless hack speculating about the prospect of the Brazilian heading to Stamford Bridge this time: the player himself is talking.

Somewhat mercifully, it's to say that there's no point joining a team like Chelsea if he doesn't get playing time:

Of course I know that some clubs call more attention than others, but the important thing is I'm fine. No use going to Real Madrid or Chelsea and lack opportunities to play. Whether or not a big club, I know there are clubs that have their eye on me.

Source: A Bola (Google Translate).

Which, um, bad news, Hulk. Once upon a time the idea of him arriving seemed like it would be fun. That weird, barrelling strength he possessed, capable of mauling a defender before being concentrated into his left boot for shots designed to make goalkeepers cry. That seemed like a fun idea. Now the price Zenit paid to secure Hulk from Porto seems ludicrous, and we have an attacking midfield that's the envy of the entire Premier League.

At any rate, hopefully this is enough that we never have to speak of Hulk again.

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