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Chelsea laughing off Invincibles talk, says Cahill

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Right now, the press seems to have taken a marked interest in whether or not Chelsea can keep this unbeaten run -- 15 games so far -- up through the entirety of the season. Asking Jose Mourinho about it in every press conference is getting more than a little bit tedious, but I suppose that's better than the alternative, which is when they stop after we lose. Why are they doing this? We need a narrative to follow, I suppose, but at the same time it also gives us a goal to fail to live up to so that a big deal can be made of the first loss.

So brace for that one, I guess.

But while the media obsesses, what do the players think? According to Gary Cahill, not much:

Winning trophies rather than having an ‘Invincibles’ season is all that matters. When people talk about us going unbeaten, we’re just laughing it off at the moment. No one is talking about it in the dressing room. People outside are talking because we have started well but it’s not something the players discuss. That’s a good thing.

Source: London Evening Standard.

Yes. Yes it is. Cahill's not completely immune to invulnerability syndrome, however: he talks about how winning regularly helps confidence and disheartens the opposition (which is obviously true), but his main focus is on winning rather than not-losing. Which is exactly what we want -- what everyone forgets about the famous Invincibles team is that they'd have finished five points behind Chelsea the year after, and given the choice between real points and talking points, I'd go for the former every day.

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