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Liverpool fans plan worst plane message ever ahead of Chelsea match

It probably hasn't escaped your attention that Chelsea play against Liverpool this weekend. It's at Anfield, it's a bit of a grudge match, and it's critically important for both our seasons. What you might have missed is just how weird things are getting up there -- weird enough, in fact, that we might get the treat of watching some crazed fan hiring a plane to fly a message above Anfield.

I asked a Liverpool-supporting friend whether this was fake or not, and, incredibly, he confirmed that the group was real, although he did express some doubt as to whether or not they'll actually hire a plane. So the idea that this is an amazing troll job -- which would be funny in its own right -- is out.

But let's get to the high comedy here. A group that despises their current manager is going to fly a banner over Anfield. Fair enough. It's ridiculous and stupid, but the plane message is now part of the footballing environment, and we're not going to be able to go back to better days.

That said, the design is what elevates this to art. Plane messages need to be short and to the point. MOYES OUT, for example, is a good one. What they can't be is sarcastic with fine print underneath, because nobody will be able to read any of the non-sarcastic stuff.

If this goes through, and I hope it does, a group that despises Brendan Rodgers will fly a banner that will read BRENDAN RODGERS IS A FOOTBALL GENIUS and you can't read the rest because it's way too small over Anfield next Sunday. And we'll get to witness it. Bliss.

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