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Terry takes to telephoning fan to pass on message regarding home atmosphere

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Yesterday we heard that Chelsea supporter Joe Davies had managed to get in touch with John Terry over the atmosphere issue at Stamford Bridge, and that Terry was planning on replying. And today we get the captain's reply.

From Mr. Davies' twitter feed:

JT wanted me to pass on the message that the players and club are driving home to the club to try to address the problems, such as stewarding, getting the away fans moved, and u22 tickets [ed - presumably discounted tickets for fans aged 21 and below]. The club are trying, and thank us for our support home and away. And not to take Jose's comments to heart, he did it to get a reaction like he does from the players. "He's the main man."

I think we can consider the manager's comments to be spectacularly successful at getting a reaction, because this is now the biggest story around the club. And I think we can also consider the idea of messaging Terry on Instagram to be a fairly amazing success as well -- Mr. Davies has successfully recruited the club's captain to help on an issue that desperately needs fixing, and that's fantastic.

Now to the actual business of fixing. Over to you, Chelsea. If the club really wants changes in home atmosphere, now is the time to prove it.

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