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Shrewsbury Town respond to Eden Hazard's little slip-up

Sometimes the opposition don't take teasing in very good humour, even when the teasing is entirely accidental. But Shrewsbury Town were extremely sanguine hosts during our Capital One Cup match last week -- and credit to them, they were also extremely credible opposition on the pitch as well -- and it's no surprise that they responded to Eden Hazard calling them 'Strawbury' with a wink and a grin:

If you missed Hazard's little slip, which happened during the post-game interview following Chelsea's 2-1 win at QPR, you can check it out on Vine here:

Some teams -- the ones that take themselves too seriously -- would have raised a fake-outraged fuss over this. I don't want to patronise Shrewsbury for being a good little club, because they deserve to be treated like anyone else. I'll just say I enjoyed the way they conducted themselves this week and hope to have the opportunity to see them play against us soon. Perhaps we can swap them with QPR in the league pyramid?

Oh, and happy birthday to Andy Robinson.

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