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Mourinho on January: 'I don't want people to leave -- I don't want people to come in'

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Julian Finney/Getty Images

Good news, everybody!  It's almost time for the silly distraction of actual football to end (or at least take a back seat) and for the real season to begin!  In a little over a month, the January transfer window will be here!

It's not quite the big deal like the summer's main event -- think FIFA Confederations Cup vs. FIFA World Cup -- but we shall finally be able to put these silly little footballing matters like tactics and squad rotation and not losing a game ever again on the back-burner and start concentrating on the real issues.  Real issues like when are we buying Paul Pogba and Raphael Varane and Marco Reus and when are we selling Eden Hazard's right foot to Real Madrid and his left foot to PSG and just how many hundreds of millions we'll get for Oscar so that we can buy Messi, etc, etc, etc until we're all fat and happy and dead from transfer rumor overload.

Alas, here's Mourinho the Grinch to ruin all the fun:

"I don't want people to leave - I don't want people to come in.  That, for me, is the perfect situation. If other teams do it in January, good for them. It will not be something I will use by saying, ‘these guys spend £30 million more'."

Bah, humbug.  I guess as long as we don't get too complacent...