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Sunderland vs. Chelsea: You choose the squad

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Tom Dulat/Getty Images

The low point of Chelsea's 2013/14 season came at the hands of Sunderland last spring, a 2-1 defeat at Stamford Bridge that not only saw the Blues' title chase effectively ended, but ended Jose Mourinho's impressive Premier League home unbeaten record. Sunderland also won their last meeting against Chelsea in the Stadium of Light, winning 2-1 to knock Chelsea out of the Capital One Cup.

The Blues are in fine form at the moment, and look to have everyone healthy and available for selection. Given that Sunderland have been struggling to get going so far this season, it's hard to imagine Chelsea not continuing their winning ways tomorrow.

We want to know who you'd pick if put in charge at Stamford Bridge, as you look to rotate the squad while still fielding the strongest squad possible. Please fill out the attached form, and you can view the results by clicking on this link.