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Chelsea lead agent fees table too

Phil Cole/Getty Images

The talk of the Premier League town today is agent's fees. The official figures for this year's spending have been released, and they add up to rather a lot of money: £115 million between all 20 teams.

As is the case with the real league table, it's Chelsea who lead the way, having paid almost £17 million to agents in the year, probably thanks to having a number of very high profile players coming into and going out of the club. This, in and of itself, is not a bad thing: we've given money to agents but have built a very good side for relatively cheap in the process, and unlike many others I don't have a problem with the amount of cash clubs spend. It's not like they charge more because they're throwing money around -- there's simply a lot of money in the game right now and it's unsurprising that agents are getting a big cut of it.

Here're the full 'standings':

1st: Chelsea - £17m
2nd: Liverpool – £14m
3rd: Manchester City – £13m
4th: Tottenham Hotspur – £11m
5th: Manchester United – £8m
6th: West Ham United – £6m
7th: Everton – £6m
8th: Sunderland – £5m
9th: Arsenal – £4m
10th: Stoke City – £4m
11th: Newcastle United – £4m
12th: Swansea City – £4m
13th: West Bromwich Albion – £3m
14th: Queens Park Rangers – £3m
15th: Southampton – £3m
16th: Aston Villa – £3m
17th: Hull City – £2m
18th: Crystal Palace – £2m
19th: Leicester City – £2m
20th: Burnley – £1m

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