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Jose Mourinho dismisses FIFA World XI award

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Chelsea already have five players in contention for FIFA World XI status, and I guarantee that Diego Costa will be added to the mix at some point. You'd think that his squad getting the recognition they deserve (apart from Nemanja Matic and John Terry) would please Jose Mourinho ... but then you'd be thinking wrong:

Sometimes it seems we are looking for stars, people who are more important than other people and that is not the culture in this club. The mentality here is not to worry about that, even less be obsessed with that. When I see the names are Fabregas and Hazard, I think they don't think about it. They think about the team and try to win matches.

Source: Mail.

Mourinho's always thinking about something when he makes public pronouncements, and I'd guess that this is part of the war against complacency he's currently waging (and denying). Without getting too far ahead of ourselves, right now it looks as though the most significant threat to our having a successful season is, well, getting too far ahead of ourselves, and the manager will be spending a great deal of his time making sure everyone's focused on the team rather than thinking about how amazing they all are.

Because, as we all know, if Hazard started thinking about how amazing he was that'd probably take all day and he'd likely miss training.

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