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Jose Mourinho addresses Messi-to-Chelsea rumour

Tom Dulat/Getty Images

Lionel Messi to Chelsea has been picking up steam in a haphazard, silly way over the last couple of weeks -- the latest had sources close to La Liga's all-time scoring king saying he was looking for a new challenge and other codewords for 'this is ridiculous but we're going to write about it anyway'. And they've now progressed to the point where, like the Marco Reus chat, the manager is having to field questions about it:

My reaction is that your world changed so much that our world also changed so much. I think, in this moment, it's so easy, so easy to have non-truths circulating. It's so easy that some people put news without confirming or speaks about rumours. Obviously it's not true. Obviously it's not true.

Source: Get West London.

Which ... obviously. Despite the rumours and the Argentinian's slightly sour comments earlier in the month, it's extremely difficult to imagine him skipping town and also very difficult to imagine Chelsea having the funding to pay for a transfer (even if, as rumoured, adidas would contribute to the bring-Messi-to-London fund). This is pie in the sky stuff, and while it might be amusing for fans to speculate about, Mourinho's not going to spend any of his valuable time on it. Better shoot it down now rather than keep getting questions about a silly rumour.

Of course, he would say all of this even if Chelsea were after Messi. DUN DUN DUN.

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