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Chelsea defender signs contract extension, immediately heads out on loan

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Christopher Lee/Getty Images

Alex Davey signed a new contract today that will extend his time at Chelsea until the end of the 2015/16 season, and then went out on loan for the first time in his career. The defender will be joining Scunthorpe United,and will remain there until at least January 3, 2015.

For Davey, it's his first loan spell as a professional, and one where he'll likely see a good deal of time on the pitch. Scunthorpe currently sit 23rd in the League One table,and have already allowed 32 goals in just 17 games played. They could certainly use defensive help, and while Davey will hopefully provide just that, they could probably use quite a bit more as they hope to move clear of the relegation places.

Hopefully the Scotland youth international will have a successful spell in League One, which sees him pushed to a more difficult assignment for his next loan.