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Schalke general manager furious with Tuesday's performance

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After a rollicking good time in Gelsenkirchen on Tuesday, everyone with an emotional stake in Chelsea Football Club is in a good mood. The fans, manager and players have all been talking about the beautiful football we've been playing over the past week, and if it feels like we've been basking a little too languidly in our own glory ... well, I think a little basking is warranted.

If you're associated with Schalke 04, however, the picture looks markedly less rosy. Not since the 8-0 game against Aston Villa two seasons ago have we seen an opposing team capitulate so thoroughly, and at least Villa had the excuse of playing what was essentially a gaggle of children at Stamford Bridge. Schalke didn't, and general manager Horst Heldt is really quite unhappy about what happened yesterday:

We put in an embarrassing performance, never went into challenges and didn't defend ourselves.Therefore we were deservedly thrashed. You can lose against Chelsea - they are ultimately a very good team - but the way we lost is not acceptable.

Source: Mail.

I have nothing against Schalke. They seem a perfectly nice side and the success of any club managed by a former Chelsea player will always be a good thing in my book. But watching the Blues utterly humiliate an opponent (during an away game, no less), is just a thoroughly pleasant experience. It's nice being the big bad guys, and we should embrace that while we're in this run of form.

Sorry Not sorry, Robbie.