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Manchester United legend: Chelsea 'head and shoulders above anyone else'

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

There's not much going on in Chelsea land today (barring the small matter of a Champions League match, of course), but a quote from Manchester United assistant manager Ryan Giggs has been doing the rounds. Giggs, asked whether his team could win the title this season, came up with ...

It is a process, I mean I think everyone will agree Chelsea are head and shoulders above anyone else but it’s a process and you just have to try to keep improving and see where that takes you.

Source: Guardian.

... which is quite obviously a 'no'. And while I'm not really that interested in where Giggs thinks United will end up this season, it's quite the compliment that a serial winner (amongst, ahem, other things) like the Welshman is talking up Chelsea this much. And he's not the only one -- the other day Manchester City's Samir Nasri called us 'unbeatable', and while there's a real danger of us becoming too smug for our own good, it's difficult not to enjoy the general wailing and gnashing of teeth coming from far behind us.

The job is only a third of the way done, but it's been a pretty darn good run so far. Let's keep it going.

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