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Di Matteo holds no hard feelings over Chelsea job

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Current Schalke manager Roberto Di Matteo is a great guy. I would say this even if he kicked puppies for fun -- anyone who scored that goal in the 97 FA Cup final would be a Chelsea hero for life, and since then he's only managed to add to the list of reasons Blues fans should love him. But Di Matteo is no puppy-killer. Unceremoniously removed from his position midway through the 2012-13 season, less than six months after winning the Champions League, the former midfielder seems to have no hard feelings at all over how his time at the club went down:

I have no sentiment for revenge or anything like that. I enjoyed a wonderful time at Chelsea with many people, and that's it.

There is obviously a legacy between us. These are big players who have achieved a lot in their careers, and also players with whom I will always be in touch for the rest of our lives. Like other players who have left now. That's what the relationship is and will be forever. It was a great time, a highlight of a manager's career.

Source: Telegraph.

Hopefully we can beat him tomorrow, but apart from that, it's impossible for me not to wish him all the best. Roberto Di Matteo has only ever conducted himself with a sort of inhumanly serene grace, and that's something that endears him to virtually everyone. Good luck, Robbie -- starting on Wednesday.

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