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Jose Mourinho responds to silly Sergio Ramos criticism

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Both Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas have recovered after the international break, and the pair both look to be better off after missing out on international duty to recover from their various ailments. That didn't stop Sergio Ramos from whining about their absence over the international break though, and today Jose Mourinho reponded:

'Ramos is a fantastic player but he is not a doctor. He is not a doctor and I am the same.'

'My doctor and the Spanish national team doctor, they had the scans and decided the player was not in a fit condition to play. I don't think Sergio did a medicine masters in the last couple of years to understand it.'

Mourinho went on to cite plenty of examples of other players who missed out on international duty with injury, but frankly, none of them were really necessary. Chelsea's doctors said they had a pair of players that shouldn't play with injury, especially as the second Spain game during the break was a friendly. Spain's doctors agreed. The pair didn't play. End of story.

Hopefully, this is the end of the story, and we never have to hear Sergio Ramos speak about anything again.

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