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Loic Remy: "It's a trap" to think Chelsea have the league won

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

When not moonlighting as Admiral Ackbar coordinating the attack on the second Death Star, Loïc Rémy is serving as a voice of reason amid the cacophony of expectation.

"Every player is conscious that we can really win something this year, but the most important thing is to stay focused about the same thing and don't think the league is already won. I think it is a trap if we think that."

"We just have to try to win game after game and we know there are a lot of games coming so we have to be careful and play the same way we are playing at the minute."

-Loïc Rémy; source: BT Sport

There are enemy ships scattered all around the sector, from London to the North, just waiting for a slip-up from the Blues to unleash their tractor beams and capture themselves a big lion.  Lions in space?  Sounds more like a Doctor Who story than Star Wars.  Oh well.

In all seriousness, while Rémy's words may be one of sport's classic cliches ("take it one game at a time"), it does not make him wrong.  Courtois has recently also said something to this effect, while I'm sure the rest of the locker room is staying grounded as well.  As fans, we'll get carried away -- and swing to the other extreme in times of trouble -- but players and managers have to keep their heads out of the clouds.  Otherwise our title bid will evaporate as quickly as it materialized.

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