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Mourinho shrugs off Di Matteo talk

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Chelsea play Schalke 04 on Tuesday. This game is important because of what it could mean to the Blues finishing position in Group G should we lose; it's also important for a very different reason. Since the last time we encountered the Germans, they've punted manager Jens Keller and replaced him with a very old friend. Yep, it's time for a reunion with Roberto Di Matteo, a man virtually synonymous with two of the best days the club has ever had.

But while the fans might be forgiven for focusing on the emotional encounter, Jose Mourinho and the players themselves need to be all business. So when the manager was asked about what it'd be like to go up against Di Matteo he gave a predictable (if amusing) answer:

I don't play against him. If I play against him, he wins because he plays better than me. Unless I am fitter, which I don't know, but normally he wins because he is much better than me. It is Chelsea against Schalke, it is not me against Di Matteo.

Source: Yahoo! Sports.

Roberto Di Matteo: definitely a better footballer than Jose Mourinho.

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