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Today's fun Chelsea fact

Tom Dulat/Getty Images

The rest of the Premier League (barring Southampton) has apparently decided that the only way to stop us being thrilled to tiny pieces in May is to play so badly that we feel vaguely guilty about celebrating being better than them. This weekend alone saw two members of last year's top seven in Arsenal and Liverpool drop points, and Spurs needed a hilarious red card to claim a win against Hull City.

Chelsea are going to go into next weekend at least four points clear at the top of the table and an astonishing 13 ahead of Manchester United in 4th place. And while we shouldn't be counting chickens before they hatch, when we have an opportunity to laugh at some funny-shaped eggs, we should definitely indulge our baser instincts. Check this out:

Goal Differential
Manchester City: +11
Manchester United: +4
Arsenal: +5
Everton: +3
Tottenham Hotspur: -1
Liverpool: -3
Total: +19

Chelsea: +19

Yep, that's Chelsea having the same goal difference through 12 games as the rest of last year's top seven combined. And while that means approximately nothing in the grand scheme of things, that doesn't mean we can't enjoy it in the here and now.

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